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Omniflex AutoVac System

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Dial Duo Dispenser & Soap Program

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Safety, efficiency and professional results are what Erzen customers have come to expect from our cleaning products and supplies for more than 60 years. Whether your needs are cleaning or maintenance, you can rely on us to offer the most effective solution at competitive prices. When transitioning to green cleaning, look to Erzen for answers. We continue to grow in our knowledge and inventory of green-certified products. Our extensive catalog offers more than 3,000 items, including green cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, paper products, mops, brooms, brushes, floor and carpet care, and much more. Besides distributing a wide range of products, we work closely with customers, any time of day or night. We provide training on the proper use of every item we sell from chemicals to equipment to maximize their benefits and your productivity.

Clean & Care

We Work Best with Companies & Organizations that Deeply Care About:

  • Promoting the well-being of their employees, and everyone who enters their facilities
  • Creating an indoor environment that helps to maximize employee & student productivity
  • Educating all employees & students about the best ways to keep the premises clean, including protecting facilities and fixtures from damage, eliminating offensive odors and sticky residues, and simplifying inventory to reduce inventory costs
  • Training custodial staff to work most efficiently
  • Using sanitizers and cleaners that contain mostly of natural ingredients
  • Protecting the health of our planet